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ToasTees Wetsuits are designed to be almost as light as a Rash vest but keep you warm like a regular wetsuit.

In general, most wetsuits are made from one of 3 grades of Neoprene. They are categorised according to their cell density and are either 100% SBR, 50 %SBR / CR or 100% CR. With  SBR being the  highest quality.

ToasTees Wetsuits are made from 0.5mm thick Neoskin TM ( 100 % SBR Neoprene). Titanium backed to increase warmth by up to 30% and help with removal. Thin, lightweight and coated with either Aqua - skin TM or Aqua- C- Skin TM to give increased durability. Flat locked stitched with nylon. UPF 50+ in compliance with A S / N Z Standard 4399.

Womens tops with Aqua- C- Skin ( Chlorine series ) and Kids tops size 1 & 2 Have a full zipper in the front.
Adult tops with Aqua- C- Skin ( Chlorine series ) and Kids tops sizes 3 to 12 have a small zipper in the back for easier access and removal.
Full zips in the front can be put in most wetsuits. Please contact us for this option.

All adult tops have a pull cord in the waist.

The Baby pants have an elastine band around the waist and legs.

The toddlers, kids and Adult pants have a pull cord in the waist.

The Skinny kids / special needs kids tops are for very skinny kids or may be suitable for kids with special needs. They are basically the same body and arm length as our regular kids tops but with reduced Neck, Arm, Chest and Waist circumferences.

Ocean Series (Aqua - skin Super stretch Nylon) or

Chlorine Series (Aqua - C - Skin PBT / Polyester) Coating.


Ocean Series (Aqua - skin Super stretch Nylon) is light, tough, very stretchy and flexible. It is best for Ocean swimming, Surfing, kayaking etc and kids learning to swim. It  has been impregnated with as much chlorine resistant chemical as possible whilst still retaining its flexibility.

Chlorine Series (Aqua - C - Skin PBT / Polyester) Coating provides greater Chlorine resistance. A heavier gauge of nylon is used in the stitch.  It is best for instructors who spend time in heavily chlorinated pools.


A wetsuit works by trapping a thin layer of water between the wetsuit and the skin. The body temperature quickly heats this trapped water, creating a warm buffer zone that is protected from the outside colder elements by the wetsuits neoprene rubber. The Nylon or PBT/Polyester outer layer provides greater strength and durability.

It is important that you select the correct size wetsuit. A wetsuit that is too big will allow a

continual flush of cold water between your body and the wetsuit, removing the thin layer of warm water and negating the wetsuits warming ability. For a wetsuit to work properly they are designed to fit snugly.

If you would like more product information, feel free to fill out our contact form by clicking here.

our warranty

We are proud to offer our customers a 30 day money back guarantee on all purchases from our online store.

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